Satellite Maxim

The most outstanding features of the Maxim 3000 are its ultra smooth walls, sleek appearance, and spacious interior. With no ledges to collect dust, debris or waste, the Maxim 3000 stays clean longer than any other restroom. The rounded interior creates additional room and unique contoured tank provides a more comfortable sitting position for end users.

In addition, the Maxim 3000 has two powerful springs which hold the door shut, preventing unwanted dirt from blowing into the cabana. All in all, end users find the Maxim 3000 to be an attractive, spacious restroom with an overall clean appearance.

The Maxim 3000 is the only fully blow-molded restroom on the market, which produces a two-ply, cross-ribbed wall panel that is virtually indestructible and a double-walled roof, made to withstand the outdoor weather. There are many other features, such as the heavy-duty, vandal proof door springs, full corner hand grips and cascading and molded-in wall vents.

Comes fully equipped with:

● Fragrance Diffuser / Air Freshener

● Sink

● Handsoap Dispenser (filled)

● Jumbo Bathroom Tissue Rolls

● Paper Towel Dispenser (filled)

HEIGHT 90″ / 2286 mm
WIDTH 44″ / 1118 mm
DEPTH 48″ / 1219 mm
DOOR OPENING 76″ / 1930 mm
FLOOR AREA 915 sq in. (5901 sq cm)
SEAT HEIGHT 20.5″ / 521 mm
WEIGHT 185 lbs / 84 kg